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Alcatel AMS 200IP DRIE System


Technical Specification - Source Chamber

- Room (Bosch) temperature process (Bosch Patent Included)
- High Density, low pressure ICP plasma source
- Source power supply: 3kW RF
- Automatic matching network - Laser view port adapter on top of the source
- Patented heated liner installed in the source chamber
- DC power supply and permanent magnet around the diffusion center


Substrate Holder:

- Substrate-holder with Electrostatic-PIN clamped chuck for 200mm wafer
- He backside cooling with Dual He injection
- Bias Power supply 1: 300W RF generator (13.56Mhz)
- Bias Power supply 2: 500W LF generator (from 50kHz to 400kHz)
- Automatic switch to use both LF and RF without hardware change
- Automatic matching network for both RF and LF generator
- Manual adjustment distance between source and substrate-holder (from 100mm to 340mm)
- Cooling: Chiller Lauda T2200 with external probe regulation
- Gas lines:

  • Gas #1: SF6 1000sccm UNIT 125 (Fast response time MFC)
  • Gas #2: C4F8 400sccm UNIT 125 (Fast response time MFC)
  • Gas #3: O2 200 sccm UNIT 125 (Fast response from MFC)
  • Gas #4: Ar 200 sccm UNIT 8101
  • Gas #5: O2 200sccm UNIT 8101

Pumping System:


  • Chamber primary pump: Alcatel dry pump A 300
  • Chamber Maglev Turbo molecular pump: Alctel ATH 1600 MT
  • DN 200 VAT pendulum valve control system series 65.1 + By-pass + integrated cold trap directly connected to the outlet of ATH 16-- MT pump. One handling system for cold trap is delivered with AMS 200 sytem.
- Load-Lock
  • Alcatel dry pump ACP 28

Transfer Module and Load lock:

- Seperate load-lock
- Laminar flow
- Automatic door
- Mechanical throughput: 33safers/hour


- Advantech industrial PC with CD-RW drive
- Windows operating interface with touch screen
- Telediagnostic on PC and PLC (modem + software)
- 1x User's/maintenance manual on CD-ROM and PC hard disk
- 1x Components manual on CD-ROM

-Newest software version including:

  • Automatic data purge
  • Automatic clean between wafer
  • Automatic dechucking process


- Dimensions: 1800 x 1300 x H mm
- Weight: 1200 kg (Main frame without options)