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Applied Materials Precision P5000 CVD System, 2 Chamber TEOS Oxide CVD

Conquer Industries strives to provide quality pre-owned equipment at reasonable prices. Below is a sampling from our current inventory. Of course, many other types of equipment are available, please call us to discuss these systems, or any other equipment needs you may have.

AMAT P5000 (NEW ITEM) Call for pricing
  • Version: 200 MM
  • Condition: good
  • Vintage: Jan 1994
  • Sale condition: As Is or rebuilt with a warranty;
  • Sales price: 150,000 USD
  • Quantity: 1
  • Comments: Originally configured for TiN but converted to TEOS.

  1. Lines and heaters were added for TDMAT process
  2. RF Generators ENI
  3. CH B P5000 CVD Universal chamber number 4161B, serial number 35393
  4. CH C P5000 CVD Universal chamber number 4161C, serial number 35593-18
  5. MKS baratrons Model 127AA-001008
  6. TDMAT Schumacher Asolute qty 2
  7. RF Match Phase IV

Gas panel configuration:

  • configured for 4 lines per chamber
  • Each chamber has the following MFCs configured:-
  • STEC 4400M He 500 sccm (He)
  • UNIT UFC 1100A N2 2slm (Ar)
  • UNIT UFC 1100 N2 300 sccm (NF3)
  • UNIT UFC 1660 N2 500 sccm N2
  • Amat gs panel analog board 0100-09115 rev C
  • Equipment Description: A CVD Applied Materials wafer equipment with two TiN previously configured chambers for 200mm wafer.

History of the equipment: this tool underwent an upgrade process from TiN to TEOS with subsequent addition of the heated lines,TDMAT controllers and heaters. The equipment has two process chambers installed on it,chamber B and chamber C,although it has been configured for four process chambers.

Decontamination Process consisted in :chamber cleaning,gas line pumpdown and conditioning,gas line pressurizing(N2) and sealing,pipeline flushing and sealing and vacuum of the process line and its sealing.

Equipment general components and parts:

AMAT Heat Exchanger

  1. Q-Controller
  2. RF Generator(ENIENI OEM 12B)
  3. P5000 Mainframe with two process chambers.
  4. RF Cable
  5. Liquid Source
  6. Ozonizer
Load Lockscks main components:
Robot Handler-Cassette Handler-Storage Elevator-Storage Elevator Wafer Orienter-Elevator Brakes-Load Lock Particle Reduction Kit-Load Lock Chamber Bolt Down Lids-Load Lock Lid Lift-Wafer Positioning Sensor-I/O Wafer Sensor.

AMAT Ozonator-Ozone Monitor-Liquid Source Delivery Cabinet-Wafer Cooling System-Turbo Flow Meter for both chambers-Endpoint System.

Minicontroller-Thermo Electric Drivers-Chamber Interconnect PCBs-ESC Controller Rack/Electronics-VME.
Mainframe type:208VAC 3 PHASE 50 HZ
AC Box type: 0010-09142 100A 480 VAC
High Purity Gas Panel.

0150-09027 25 ft
0150-09145 50 ft
0150-09109 50 ft
0150-09108 50 ft
0150-09107 50 ft
0150-09106 50 ft
0150-70036 55 ft qty 2
0150-75041A 40 ft Dryvac pump cables
CH 1 aux and gas 20ft
CH 3 aux and gas 25 ft

Edwards T1 pump controller panel for 3 process chambers and L/L.

Work carried out on the tool:

The objective of the work was centered in two steps: check of the missing parts on the mainframe components:cassette indexer-LLC-wafer transfer chamber,both chambers C and D,major electronic PCBs(looking for their power and signal connecting cables) and the support equipments.

Missing parts: nothing to point out. Cassette Indexer:check of the rotary actuator,optical sensor,speed control valve,air lines,window crank and turnbuckle,status of the cassette I/O window (plexiglas).
Note: this component of the mainframe has all the items present for its proper operation.

LLC Chamber: control of the wafer storage elevator,control of the physical presence of the centerfinder board,I/O slit valve.

Note: everything is present.

Wafer transfer chamber:from the upper side:check wafer sensor and LED emitter,transfer robot,chambers slit valves and from the bottom:check of the actuactors(particularly look for the presence of air lines close and open,reed switch magnetic,pneumatic cylinder),lower part of the robot(essentially extension and optical sensors,flag,rotation and extension motor,rotation pulley,drive belt,winder gear.

Note: this important component of the system has all the parts in there. Chamber C and D:all the process chambers have been open.They were in bad conditons due to the fact that they did not undergo the required decontamination process when a tool has been turned off in the manufacturing environment. Hazardous cleaning effort has been performed.All the process kits are present.The susceptor and its assembly status are pretty good but the susceptor would need a further reconditioning process before being able to hold a wafer for process. Dismantle and re-install of the lamp module,the RF matching box.

Note: both process chambers present no defects.

Major electronic subsystems:check of the presence of the pcbs on the system controller and system electronic rack.

Conclusion: the gas panel has been only clean and the gas line well fixed in the gas panel box.At the end,all the P5000 underwent a cleaning process.The tool is ready for being shipped.

**TM, Registered trade mark, Applied Materials Inc.