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AMAT P5000
AMAT Spare Parts
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-ASM Epsilon 2000
       Epi Reactor
-Alcatel DRIE
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-SELA Sample Prep
       for Failure Analysis
       for SEM and TEM
-EEJA (Electro Plating
       -Engineers of
        Japan) Ni and
        Ag Plating
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-EVG101 Coater
-Thermco Maxibrute
       200mm Oxidation
-Spare Parts
-Wet Process

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Conquer Industries strives to provide quality pre-owned equipment at reasonable prices. Below is a sampling from our current inventory. Of course, many other types of equipment are available, please call us to discuss these systems, or any other equipment needs you may have.

Praxair Gas Delivery System Cabinet, Dual Gas Call for pricing

Praxair Gas Delivery System, dual bottle for Hydrogen. Brand New, Never Been Used, In Original Crate. Includes original certification of compliance, Praxair Ultrapurge 100 control systems, full orbitally welded facilities connections with exhaust vent, dual scales, Dutch style front opening wire reinforced safety glass window, full opening steel door, holding chains, flow meters, etc. Bottles were mounted into cabinet once to test fit prior to shipment, lines were never used. Outstanding condition. Only one available.
Fortrend 150mm Wafer Transfer Machine Call for pricing
  An automatic system for transferring wafers from quartz boats to Teflon cassettes and back.
  • 150mm wafer compatible;
  • Designed to accommodate 4 wafer cassettes per run, with 25 wafers per cassette;
  • Cassettes: A182-60MB (left side);
  • Power: 110V, 60 psi, 3 amps;
  • Serial Number 379;
  • Excellent Condition;

MRL Heating Element Call for pricing
  MRL Low Mass Heating Element, New in Original Box. Black Max single zone, Model 900; 46 long, 9" ID, 12" OD.
MRL LPCVD Four Stack Furnace: Call for pricing
  MRL LPCVD four tube 4" furnace :
Upgraded by Solitec in 1995;
Thermco/ITS Tube Level Controllers;
PC Based Software System;
Four each Black Max heating elements;
ACS Gas cabinet with Unit MFC's;
Dual rod cantilevers on each tube, four cantilevers total;
Tube #1 configured for Anneal;
Tube #2 configured for Nitride;
Tube #3 configured for Poly;
Tube 4 configured for LTO.
Excellent condition.

Can be modified or upgraded to meet customer specifications.