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AMAT P5000
AMAT Spare Parts
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-ASM Epsilon 2000
       Epi Reactor
-Alcatel DRIE
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-SELA Sample Prep
       for Failure Analysis
       for SEM and TEM
-EEJA (Electro Plating
       -Engineers of
        Japan) Ni and
        Ag Plating
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-EVG101 Coater
-Thermco Maxibrute
       200mm Oxidation
-Spare Parts
-Wet Process

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Conquer Industries strives to provide quality pre-owned equipment at reasonable prices. Below is a sampling from our current inventory. Of course, many other types of equipment are available, please call us to discuss these systems, or any other equipment needs you may have.

Qty Type Mfg. Model Extras
70 Pump Alcatel BF ADP 80

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With Leroy Somer LS90L Motor and Alcatel Guardian Vacuum pump controller.
1 Pump Alcatel 2015CP 2 stage, DD, Wet, 15LP/Sec
1 Pump Leybold D6B 2 stage, DD, Wet, Filtration
1 Pump Leybold D16A 2 stage, DD, Wet
1 Pump Leybold D16AC 2 stage, DD, Wet, Filtration
1 Pump Alcatel 2033 2 stage, DD, Wet, 6" vacuum roughing
1 Pump Leybold D4A 2 stage, 3 veins, DD, Wet
1 Pump Leybold D8A 2 Stage, DD, Wet
1 Pump Edwards E2M-30 2 stage, DD, Wet
1 Pump Edwards DP-40, (QDP40=9700) Dry pump, DD, LPCVD
1 Pump Leybold D65BCS 2 stage, DD, Wet
1 Pump Leybold D60AC 2 stage, DD, Wet, 3 Ph
1 Pump Welch 1405 2 stage, Belt D, Wet
1 Pump Alcatel/Varian 25330L, Model SD700 2 stage, DD, Wet
1 Pump Alcatel/Varian 2033, Model SD700 2 stage, DD, Wet
1 Pump Leybold D30  
1 Pump Varian Model SD700  
1 Pump CTI CTI 8 cryogenic pump  
1 Pump CTI CTI 8300 cryogenic compressor  
2 Pumps CTI CTI-10 Cryogenic Pumps One is missing the cold array and diode.
More info HERE
2 Ebara Cryogenic pump Model HV-8, 8"pump, Model 323-1045  
3 Ebara Cryogenic pump Model HV-4, 4" pump with 6" flange and pressure relief valve  
2 Ebara Cryogenic compressor 4 pump compressor model 323-0084, 4.8  
1 GAST Pump Model 0523-V4F-G582DX