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AMAT P5000
AMAT Spare Parts
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-ASM Epsilon 2000
       Epi Reactor
-Alcatel DRIE
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-SELA Sample Prep
       for Failure Analysis
       for SEM and TEM
-EEJA (Electro Plating
       -Engineers of
        Japan) Ni and
        Ag Plating
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-EVG101 Coater
-Thermco Maxibrute
       200mm Oxidation
-Spare Parts
-Wet Process

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  Wet Process Station Technology

Since 1999, Wet Process Solutions, Inc. has been providing high quality new and used wet processing equipment for all areas of the semiconductor facility: from chemical introduction through processing and drying capabilities. Competitive warranties and prices, credit for existing used equipment, and creative strategies separate Solutions from the competition, all without sacrificing quality or personal contact between our company and our customer.

It is common practice in the semiconductor industry for Manufacturer's Representatives and Sales Representatives to have a list of tools which they are under contract to be sell, and for these tools to be pitched to the customer when they are the ideal tools for the situation: or not! This is because they have an obligation to sell for the company they represent, regardless of what is best for the customer. Solutions does not pitch tools to the customer, but rather has the customer pitch their needs. Based on those needs, whether it is price driven, delivery driven, quality driven or engineering driven, the proper equipment is recommended for that exact requirement and that particular customer.

Since we've been in the industry for 20+ years, Solutions is familiar with every wet processing company around and has gathered information over the years on their facilities, the quality, pricing and delivery schedules of products, and their references. We know their strengths and the weaknesses. The value of Solutions' experience is that it allows the customer to benefit from our experience without having to acquire it.

There are many key points where an order can go wrong. Knowing our vendors and our customers, Solutions strives to prevent problems before they happen by attending to details. Solutions coordinates directly with the facilities group regarding engineering specifications so that the equipment fits where it is planned to sit, saving costly fab line reworking. Solutions also deals directly with the facilities group so that the equipment arrives in a convenient and timely manor. By working directly with the installation team, the equipment, even with multiple equipment orders, arrive together and ready to be installed. The extra effort dispels the stress of ordering equipment and worrying about how the order will turn out; it will turn out right the first time.

Used Equipment Credit:
Excess equipment costs money in storage fees and inventory costs, but it can also be sold. Solutions buys used equipment or credits it towards a purchase, even full fab scale projects where all existing equipment is sold and new and used equipment upgrades the facility.

Product Line:

Facilities Capital Equipment:

  • Chemical Bulk Distribution Systems - automatically sends chemicals from the dock to the tool without bottles to dispose of, no pouring/spilling/splashing of dangerous chemicals, no hefty insurance bills, no errors.
  • Chemical Mixing Systems - mixes chemicals on site for an inexpensive alternative to pre-mixed chemicals and bottle clean up and disposal.
  • Chemical Polishing - cleans less expensive chemicals prior to use for clean, inexpensive chemicals.
Fab Capital Equipment, New or Used:
  • Fully Automated, Semi Automated, or Manual Wet Process Stations, Fume Hoods, Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods - and other fab classifications.
  • Parts Cleaning, Plating, Tube Washing Stations - and other cleaning equipment.
  • Reclaim Facilities - to reclaim wafers on site.
  • The Little Stuff - including things such as Shoe Lockers.
Fab Services:
  • Short on funds? Solutions upgrades existing equipment for less.
  • Short on time? Solutions can perform all the preventative maintenance on the equipment, even changing filters.
  • Solutions can review facilities lay outs to make sure that the equipment fits, matches, and works.
Drying Capabilities:
  • Solutions is the only company to offer all drying capabilities
  • Refurbished Semitool Spin Rinser Driers
  • Marigoni or IPA Vapor Drying
  • Customized GaAs Drying
  • Automated or Manual Wafer Handling
  • And More.

To Meet Needs:

    Solutions provides the most sophisticated technology available today at the most competitive price, pre-inspected and delivered on time. Solutions goes further still and stays afterwards take care of the customer, whether it is step by step instruction that is needed, or programming the equipment.
To Manage the Project:
    One tool or hundreds, Solutions will manage the tool specifications, facilities specifications, and coordination so the tool fits and runs, within the timeframe needed and the budget provided.
After the Order:
    To insure costumer satisfaction with the purchase and in order to provide even better service, Solutions gives out Report Cards to be filled out by anyone and everyone involved in the order. Constant revision of Solution's services based on customer feedback makes for long term relationships.