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AMAT P5000
AMAT Spare Parts
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-ASM Epsilon 2000
       Epi Reactor
-Alcatel DRIE
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-SELA Sample Prep
       for Failure Analysis
       for SEM and TEM
-EEJA (Electro Plating
       -Engineers of
        Japan) Ni and
        Ag Plating
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-EVG101 Coater
-Thermco Maxibrute
       200mm Oxidation
-Spare Parts
-Wet Process

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Conquer Industries strives to provide quality pre-owned equipment at reasonable prices. Below is a sampling from our current inventory. Of course, many other types of equipment are available, please call us to discuss these systems, or any other equipment needs you may have.

Item #  Equipment Details
1 ASCO Tri-Point S Series Pressure Switches Two each brand new in original box.
2 Asco Tri-Point Diaphragm valves, steel; Three each brand new.
3 Process Technology Immersion Heater  
4 Imtec Acculine Quartz Baths New in Original Boxes -- 200mm static and overlfow, single and/or dual wafer cassesttes.
5 ENI Power Supply Model ACG10  
6 Quick Dump Rinser  
7 Verteq Megasonic Hand Held Calibration System  
8 Silicon Carbide Paddles  
9 4" Silicon Carbide Boats 
10 Semitool Rotors 4Bolt A182-39MLB-0215
11 Semitool Rotors 4Bolt A72-40MB
12 Semitool Rotors 4Bolt A72-40MB-64A02
13 Semitool Rotors 4Bolt A72-40MB-0215
14 ENI, DC Power Supply Model #PL-2HG-PE
15 ENI, DC Power Supply Model #EGR3200B
16 ENI, DC Power Supply Model #PL-1HF-PE
17 AMAT/Kyocera Plasma Proof Dome Material: Al2O3, Y2O3, Si3N4
For 200mm/300mm equipment
High Purity
High plasma durability
New in Original Box
Certificate of Conformance Included
Three each available

More information HERE

18 MKS Baratron Transducer Type 128 1 Torr, +/- 15VDC, 500mA, Model 128AAA-0001B
19 MKS Control Valve Model 253B-2-50-2
20 ENI Plasmaloc Model 1-HF, 0-1000 Watts, Remote on/off switch, level switch
21 Deposition Rate Indicator 2 each KC1 Model R1-100 rate indicators
22 Thickness Monitor 2 each Modle Qm-311, Range: 10/100/1000KAngstrom material variable; two materials and variable LED's.
23 Modutek Quartz Bath and Controller Single six inch capacity, rebuilt, with C1115a Controller.
24 MKS Throttle valve controller: MKS Type 252 throttle valve/exhaust valve controller; Model 252C-1-VPO;
25 MKS Controller Type 250, Model 250C-1-D;
26 ITS Gas Panel Interface Atmospheric gas panel interface Model 801
27 ITS Gas Panel Interface Atmospheric gas panel interface Model 803
28 ITS Gas Panel Interface ATmospheric gas panel interface Model 803C
29 MKS Baratron pressure transducer: Type 127, 1 Torr; 0-10VDC output, +/-!5vdc input
30 KF50 Aluminum Elbows KF40 45 Angle; KF50 & KF40 Clamps; KF40 Extension 90; KF40 Centering Rings;
31 LPCVD Door Assemblies LP doors: 3 gas ports; One water cooled;
32 Roughing Valve In line, soft start with KF50 Flange;
33 Water Trap HPS Water trap with ISO63 flange;
34 Power Supply VAC Constant Current Power Supply; 240 VAC; 20 Amps;
35 Granville Phillips Convectron Gauges Model 275; 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 Watts, BCD cable; several available.
36 LPCVD Gas Panel Interfaces RCH Assoc. LPCVD gas panel interfaces model 804 & 803-721; 110V.